If you want to learn how investing in the region leads to a resilient future for the planet and how we’re creating innovative solutions to face #ClimateChange, rewatch our event “Invest in our Planet”: #ClimateAction

💡 For a successful energy transition, Asia & the Pacific will need to address geopolitical issues, technological limitations, and financial constraints.

Here’s how:

Well-designed #PPPs can result in efficiency and innovation, resulting in infrastructure projects that serve communities while providing incentives to investors.

What makes a successful partnership? @RoumeenIslam @StephaneStraub weigh in on #TellMeHow🎙️:

We're excited to announce a new partnership between #ICLEI’s Transformative Actions Program and @SIFSource to support local governments in the preparation of their sustainable infrastructure projects. More at

The latest @IPCC_CH reports have shown that climate breakdown is accelerating rapidly.

Through women’s leadership in climate action, the world might be better prepared to address this looming crisis:

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