As governments rely on infrastructure investments to accelerate economic recovery, create jobs, and reduce poverty, what does it take to get #infrastructure finance right? It starts with good project implementation.

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Learn how the digital divide reflect differences in both digital infrastructure and digital skills across #EBRDregions.


Traditional #PPPs are commonly considered by many as not ‘fit for purpose’ for the #SDGs. @DMariyasin explains how the PPPs for the SDGs approach puts people’s interest and the planet at the core of #infrastructure projects.

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Equal access to safe water is essential to protect our health and enable economic development.

More investments are needed to build resilience for future pandemics, meet the SDG targets and ensure access to safe water for all:

Rural communities from Nepal’s mountain eco-regions are highly vulnerable to climate change impacts. 

A new project is helping them build long-term climate resilience:

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