💡REPORT | The move toward #decarbonization requires a significant shift away from the business-as-usual path.

How are emerging and developing economies (EMDEs) building state capacity and working in conjunction with the private sector to ⏩accelerate the #netzero transition?

Great results! We invested almost US$ 900 million in Uzbekistan, making it the leading recipient of its funding in Central Asia for the third year running. Investments were made in sectors ranging from renewable energy to banking.

PPPs have proven effective in boosting livability and sustainability in cities.

In #Dakar🇸🇳, a @WorldBank project helps to tackle traffic challenges and invest in innovative, congestion-decreasing technologies using a #PPP approach. @WorldBankAfrica

Protecting and restoring our ecosystems is crucial to preserve #biodiversity and fight #ClimateChange.

We work together with the Ginkgo Fund to develop blue and green infrastructure projects in the EU, investing in a more sustainable future.



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