SOURCE Success Stories and Users’ Testimonials

Since March 2019, the SOURCE Council has endorsed SIF’s proposed strategy for deploying. SOURCE in their member countries via an integration process. As of May 2021, SOURCE is being integrated in 13 countries, and 33 countries expressed an official interest in benefiting from SOURCE integration at national level. Based on SIF’s experience promoting and managing SOURCE platform on behalf of multilateral development banks, the provision of appropriate institutional and technical support to government agencies is central to the successful implementation of the software. As for the integration of any new system in an organization, change management has indeed to be carefully considered, and the “integration process” enables SIF to operationalize the platform – originally designed to be a universal tool and knowledge dissemination vehicle – to fit the regulatory framework and project cycle of each country.

As part of the integration process, SIF customizes SOURCE to the countries’ respective regulatory context and project cycle (e.g., to integrate specific approval steps, permits and licenses, etc.), develop bespoke reporting functionalities, and provide training to all concerned agencies. One of the key aspects of the approach is to ensure the political support and commitment of the country to the integration to ensure its successful implementation. The report below presents a list of the first success stories from the countries where SOURCE is currently been integrated.

After more than two years working on the integration of SOURCE across the world, we would like to thank all our partners for their support. We are pleased to share the following success stories as well as users feedback.

SOURCE – Success Stories Report

SOURCE users’ testimonial video: