SOURCE success stories update

SOURCE success stories update

In 2019, the SOURCE Council members (Asian Development Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, European Investment Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, and the World Bank Group) endorsed SIF to implement the SOURCE platform with countries. As of...

SOURCE Pilot in France Reflects Global Relevance

SOURCE Pilot in France Reflects Global Relevance

The SOURCE pilot in the Hauts-de-France region with the support of the French government was presented at the last SOURCE Community meeting. Representatives from France shared their experience using the SOURCE platform on February 20th. The meeting was attended by...



Countries engaged

Integrations completed

Continuamos con la inclusión de los primeros siete proyectos aprobados por el #CIAPP en el Registro Nacional APP (Plataforma múltilateral para infraestructura de Calidad - #Source) con @ObrasPublicasEc, @APEsmeraldas y @SIFSource.

#ElNuevoEcuador 🇪🇨

The government of Panama highlighted coordination, adaptability and interoperability as key benefits for the integration of SOURCE, which was financed by @the_IDB. These insights were shared by the PPP Secretariat of Panama during the last SOURCE Community meeting held on March

SOURCE highlighted as key solution during #PPPWeekIstanbul for delivering quality infrastructure standards for sustainable development and climate finance to countries.

As online infrastructure development and management software, SOURCE delivers standards and best practices as

🎉 Big News! Angola's #infrastructure development reaches a major milestone! 🇦🇴
🚀 Ministry of Planning, SIF, and @AFD_France @AFD_en launched #SOURCE in Angola.
🙌 Joint launch with D+ program led by MINPLAN and @WorldBank.
👏 SIF extends gratitude to partners and commits to

SOURCE presented to the UNITE DE PARTENARIAT PUBLIC-PRIVE MADAGASCAR 🇲🇬 during their visit in Paris to support the development, prioritisation and promotion of a sustainable infrastructure project pipeline thanks to Fin INFRA

Exciting developments in France! 🇫🇷 The SOURCE platform gains traction in @hautsdefrance with a pilot project led by @EURALOGISTIC in Somain showcased at the latest #SOURCECommunity meeting. With support from @Economie_Gouv SOURCE proves instrumental in project development and

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