SOURCE is the multilateral platform for sustainable infrastructure led and funded by Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) supporting:

  • the development of well-prepared projects to bridge the infrastructure gap
  • governments digitalization agenda

SOURCE provides a comprehensive map of all aspects to consider for the preparation of sustainable infrastructure, for both traditional procurement and Public Private Partnerships (PPPs), covering governance, technical, economic, legal, financial, environmental and social issues. It uses sector-specific templates covering all the stages of the project cycle, spanning from project definition to operation and maintenance as well as allowing the definition of specific targets to fulfil the SDGs and Paris Agreement. For more information, a video walkthrough is available here.

While SOURCE is the multilateral platform regularly updated with the latest international best practices, it can be likewise adapted to local regulatory contexts and connected to existing country-specific IT systems via the integration process. SOURCE is freely accessible for emerging countries with the objective to strengthen the capacity of project developers by providing:

SOURCE is an online software, hosted by the United Nations International Computing Centre, including the following functionalities:

SOURCE standardised project preparation templates have been developed in close collaboration with the private sector (Supporting Partners) and in line with the following international standards:

      • G20 Five Case Model;
      • Inter-American Development Bank’s Sustainable Infrastructure Criteria;
      • GIF Project Readiness Assessment (PRA);
      • APMG PPP Guide’s gateway approach,
      • World Bank PPPI Database and benchmarking reports;
      • Knowledge products from OECD PPP Principles;
      • Definition from IFC Performance Standards on ESG aspects;
      • Equator Principles;

Also integrating internationally recognised knowledge products :

      • PFRAM tool joint IWF-World Bank tool
      • GIH PPP risk allocation matrix;
      • World Bank’s Guidance on PPP Contractual Provisions;
      • UNEP FI Positive Finance.

SOURCE’s Project Cycle

Integration Enquiry

If you are a government/ public agency representative and wish to integrate SOURCE in your country, please contact us:

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SOURCE covers the full range of infrastructure sectors:

Users’ Testimonials

“I look forward to contributing to the SOURCE platform, and thereby work for the achievement of MDB’s mission.”

Nuria Simo

Chief Information Officer and General Manager, Inter-American Development Bank

“The objective of using SOURCE in Peru is to provide better standardization and predictability of Public-Private Partnership processes in order to generate new portfolio of projects.”


Private Investment Promotion Agency, Peru

“SOURCE brings a very positive contribution tothe world of infrastructure investment. For our teams, projects using SOURCE are typically associated with a well-structured preparation process. As an institutional investor, this increases the likelihood a project tobe successful attracting the right financial partners.”

Michael Sabia

Former President and Chief Executive Officer, Caisse de Dépôt et Placement du Québec