Country’s customised processes on SOURCE

SOURCE is fully adaptable to each country-specific infrastructure regulations and frameworks, enabling the line ministries and lead agencies to work in close coordination following a list of milestones, assigning tasks to the team and requesting the relevant approvals during the whole project lifecycle.

During the SOURCE integration process, SIF will collaborate with the government in mapping the relevant processes and the country’s frameworks that will be digitalised into the SOURCE platform. Processes can change according to the project’s delivery mode (PPP, concession, or public investment), types of tender processes, support, governance (national or subnational), project initiation (public or unsolicited proposal), etc.

The digitalisation of activities conducted by the SIF team, as part of the integration of SOURCE, also supports the lead agencies in the operationalisation and enforcement of new legislation by line ministries as well as subnational governments. MDBs and consultants often support the government in this effort to fulfil potential gaps identified during this review of the different legislation.

Once digitalised, SOURCE works as a project management tool customised for the country’s context and requirements, available in 10 languages. Projects created on the platform will follow specific stages, milestones, and tasks configured specifically for the user and the project type.

The platform breaks down the whole project lifecycle into well-defined tasks at each stage, based on the project delivery mode and the associated timelines. In addition to regular action, specific tasks can be defined by governments in SOURCE to validate a compulsory report, take a decision regarding the type of procurement method or go backwards in the process, and unlock additional requirements.

SOURCE view on definition of Process parameters

SIF has already conducted the digitalisation of all investment processes for traditional procurement, PPPs, concessions and unsolicited proposals in the 13 countries integrating SOURCE. As of November 2023, SIF digitalised for countries: 43 specific processes (PPPs, concessions, traditional procurement, etc), which translates into over 4,600 tasks. In addition, 16 project assessment methodologies.

SOURCE Project Gantt view

SOURCE Project Status Report

SOURCE Portfolio Report view