PPF Finder

Our objective has always been to help develop better infrastructure projects. SOURCE provides a comprehensive guide to all relevant aspects of project preparation and disseminates global principles, standards and good practices in a practical, digestible format, it facilitates coordination among project stakeholders, and creates a common language between public sponsors and private investors.
However, a software can only go so far and good project preparation requires first and foremost a good project team. We do recognize the key role project preparation facilities (PPFs) and technical/transaction advisors play in the good delivery of complex projects, and we are very excited to launch the PPF Finder on SOURCE. This new feature informs project developers of the PPFs their projects are eligible for, and public sponsors can then invite these PPFs on SOURCE to express interest for specific assistance:
The follow facilities from multilateral development banks are listed for now, and the list will keep growing:
If you are:
  • A government agency: Check out on SOURCE if your projects are eligible to technical assistances from listed PPFs


The SIF Team