SDG Dashboard

From project definition to operation and maintenance, SOURCE allows civil servants to define clear Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) targets during the preparation of projects, which can be integrated and monitored across their lifecycle, also thanks to our dashboards.

SOURCE empowers governments to set up quantifiable targets, defining expected positive impacts related to all 17 SDGs. These targets can then be monitored during construction, operation & maintenance, verifying that projects comply with set goals.

These targets are illustrated on SOURCE through the SDG impact dashboards, available at the portfolio and individual project level. These provide a visual representation of the key indicators against each relevant SDG.

  • At the individual project level on SOURCE, the dashboards are embedded with the quality analysis perspective of projects, providing an efficient visualisation of how the planned impact is aligned with each SDG. They present the sum of the targeted positive impacts related to SDGs already defined in the project appraisal aspect of SOURCE’s templates.
  • At the portfolio level, the dashboards aggregate the data of all projects, enabling to see how the infrastructure projects of a given authority, such as a Ministry, are set to contribute towards the sustainable goals.