Consistency Checks: Putting project data to work to improve infrastructure development

Through its integration into governments and IFIs’ operations across the project cycle, SOURCE acts as a trusted, secured collector and repository of project data covering legal, economic, financial, technical and ESG dimensions. Until now, this allowed SOURCE to monitor the progress of projects development and provide a consistent and transparent pipeline of projects to potential investors.
With the launch of the new Consistency Checks module, SOURCE now goes one step further in guiding project developers, by providing an automatic feedback to the Project Manager, based on her/his answers to SOURCE questions. The objective of this module is to flag potential inconsistencies among answers provided, may they be due to entry errors/typos, miscommunication between different advisors and government agencies, change in the project definition from one stage to another, etc. These flags are meant to spot potential mistakes, and to anticipate potential questions from investors during the market sounding or procurement process. Some “Consistency Checks” may be triggered for a perfectly valid reason, in which case the Project Manager may provide a justification in the dedicated module (the red flag will then turn yellow). Consistency Checks are only visible to the Project Manager among the Project Team members.