Ministry of Planning, SIF and AFD officially launched SOURCE in Angola

On March 12th, the Ministry of Planning and the Sustainable Infrastructure Foundation (SIF) launched the SOURCE platform in Angola. The platform’s implementation was funded by the French Development Agency (AFD). The launch, a well-attended event with over 150 stakeholders, demonstrated a strong commitment to advancing infrastructure development and was enhanced by the introduction of the Diversifica Mais (D+) Program to promote economic diversification in Angola.

SOURCE was officially launched by the Ministry of Planning (MINPLAN) in an event that gathered 150 government authorities, multilateral and diplomatic representatives, and private sector executives. The launch occurred jointly with the launch of Diversifica Mais (D+), a program led by MINPLAN and by the World Bank.

Opening Ceremony:

The opening ceremony highlighted the collaborative efforts between the government of Angola and international partners, anchored by speeches delivered by the Secretary of State, Ivan Emanuel Marques dos Santos, and the World Bank country manager for Angola and São Tomé e Príncipe, Juan Carlos Alvarez. Representing Minister Victor Hugo Guilherme, the Secretary of State emphasised the significance of SOURCE and its alignment with Angola’s legislative framework for PPPs.

“The adoption of the SOURCE platform arises from the need to materialise Law No. 11/19, of 14 May, the law on public-private partnerships, conducive to more efficient management and structuring of the PPP project portfolio, as well as through it, guarantee the development of infrastructure necessary for the economic and social growth of Angola”

Ivan Emanuel Marques dos Santos, Secretary of State for Public Investment, Ministry of Planning of the Republic of Angola

Diversifica Mais:

At the event, Mr. Laércio Cândido, Director of Diversifica Mais Project (MINPLAN), presented the program’s objective, which is to stimulate the diversification of the Angolan economy. D+ aims to promote private investment and foster climate-resilient growth of micro, small, and medium enterprises in non-oil value chains, with a particular focus on the Lobito Corridor.


The launch of the SOURCE platform, spearheaded by Mr. Augusto Dembo, the National Director of PPPs, provided an overview of the platform’s implementation in Angola, which is funded by the French Development Agency (AFD).

Mr Christophe Dossarps, CEO of SIF, delivered the opening remarks. SIF expressed gratitude for the support from the Angolan government, AFD and UNCTAD, highlighting the importance of the systematic use of the SOURCE platform in ensuring its success in Angola. The platform will enable the government to have a high-level view of its infrastructure project pipeline, evaluate and prioritise projects, and monitor the progress and outcomes of implementation.

Mr Pedro Nicolau, the Head of Integrations at SIF, showcased SOURCE and the capabilities of the platform to the attendees. He demonstrated the unique features of SOURCE, emphasising the common framework that was developed in collaboration with the private sector. Moreover, Mr Nicolau reassured the audience that SIF is committed to providing ongoing support to the Angolan government, ensuring the seamless use of the platform well beyond the completion of the integration process.

Valérie Tehio, the Director of AFD for Angola, expressed the support of AFD and the French government for the implementation of SOURCE in her address. Highlighting the successful funding in South Africa and ongoing funding support in Tanzania, Egypt, Brazil, and Cameroon, Mrs Tehio emphasised the importance of developing the infrastructure project pipeline in Angola to further the country’s development.

Closing remarks:

The Minister of Planning, Mr Victor Hugo Guilherme, made the final remarks during the ceremony, highlighting the government’s commitment to advancing social and economic development in Angola.

Next steps:

As the next steps, SIF and MINPLAN agreed to develop a work plan focused on providing additional training for Angolan ministries, agencies, and local government. The plan will also include sectorial follow-up meetings to discuss solutions for the use of the platform, and steps to institutionalise the platform through a decree.

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