7th SOURCE Community meeting with insights from Angola and the election of a new chair

Growing from 7 member countries at its inception to 11, the SOURCE Community met virtually on June 18th, and welcomed a new member, Pakistan’s Sindh, represented by Mr. Jumani, the Head of the PPP Unit.

Angola’s Experience in Implementing SOURCE  

Mr. Sebastiao Dembo’s presentation on Angola’s implementation of SOURCE provided valuable insights into how the platform has been customised to fit the country’s unique processes and frameworks, including public-private partnerships (PPP), concessions, public investment, and PPP project assessments.

The decision to adopt SOURCE in Angola was driven by was driven by its reliability, security, innovation, transparency, and collaborative features. Despite challenges such as initial resistance to change and some users adjusting to digital project management tools, the government remains confident in SOURCE playing a strategic role in fostering sustainable growth by digitalising the alignment of PPP projects with the National Development Plan .

Key lessons learned highlight the importance of effective project management, standardisation, and continuous monitoring. This emphasises the critical role of technology in public management. Moving forward, the focus will shift to enhancing engagement and coordination  between the public and private sector on SOURCE, with the  objective  to further improve project outcomes and contributing to national development.


A New SOURCE Community Chairperson was Elected

With the Chairmanship rotating on an annual basis, Ecuador, represented by Mr. Pablo Cevallos, Secretary of Public-Private Investments, has recently been elected to succeed Panama as the new Chair of the SOURCE Community. With the appointment effective in the next SOURCE Community meeting in September 2024, he has committed to forging ahead with the continued knowledge exchange aimed at improving infrastructure project outcomes and sustainable development across SOURCE user countries.