SOURCE Community members gathered for their first meeting

Members of the SOURCE Community met online on September 26th for the group’s inaugural meeting. As of September 2023, the Community is formed by representatives of the governments of Ecuador, France, Kazakhstan, Panama, Senegal, South Africa, and Ukraine.

Panama will be chairing the Community for its first year under the leadership of Mr. Saleh Asvat, PPP Secretary of the National Secretariat for Public-Private Partnerships of Panama. As Community Chair Mr. Asvat reports directly to the SOURCE Council to present learnings and recommendations to the SOURCE platform. In addition, a structure for the forthcoming meetings was presented, which foresees a use case presentation by each Community member on their use of SOURCE for each meeting, followed by discussions of the members.

The next SOURCE Community meeting is scheduled for October 24th with a use case presentation by Infrastructure South Africa (ISA). All countries that have finalised the pilot phase during the implementation of SOURCE are invited to join.

As the online software-led and financed by the Multilateral Development Banks, SOURCE seeks to enhance the quality and efficacy of the preparation phases of major public infrastructure projects. The SOURCE Community was created to enable the exchange of international best practices and gather user feedback to continuously improve the functionality of the platform.