SOURCE Community Progress: Community meetings are starting to bear fruits

The latest meeting of the SOURCE Community convened on April 16th, marking another step forward in our collective journey towards international collaboration and knowledge sharing. The Community sets a conducive environment to stimulate the strategic direction and tangible outcomes from our collaborative efforts. 


Community Meetings Yield Tangible Feedback: 

Since its inception in September 2023, the SOURCE Community has served as a forum for insightful discussions and exchanges. Drawing from the diverse experiences of member countries, these gatherings have offered invaluable feedback for refining and evolving SOURCE. Among the recurring themes echoed by users are SOURCE’s ability adapt to the country context and its important role in enabling structured project development, management and coordination. 


The Digitalisation of the QII Indicators: 

One of the initiatives discussed during the Community meeting is the ongoing digitalisation of Quality Infrastructure Investment (QII) Indicators within SOURCE. This initiative, supported by the Asian Development Bank, highlights our commitment to aligning SOURCE with the strategic priority of knowledge dissemination.  


Global Integration in Focus: 

Central to our vision is the global integration of SOURCE, a vision steadily materialising as more countries progress through the integration process. With 20 countries actively engaged in or having completed the integration of the SOURCE platform, the uptake demonstrates promising advancements.  


Looking Ahead: 

The SOURCE Community comprises 10 countries, each contributing unique perspectives and experiences. The next meeting is scheduled for June 18th.