ICLEI & SIF, supporting local governments in the preparation of sustainable infrastructure projects

The new partnership between ICLEI’s Transformative Actions Program and Sustainable Infrastructure Foundation’s SOURCE platform will facilitate the development of well-prepared project documentation including sustainability aspects, by supporting local governments’ digitalization agenda.


The Sustainable Infrastructure Foundation (SIF) became partner of the Transformative Actions Program (TAP), a partnership initiative managed by ICLEI World Secretariat to accelerate local sustainable development.

SIF develops and implements the multilateral platform SOURCE, on behalf of the Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs), to support the preparation of sustainable infrastructure projects. SOURCE is an online software freely accessible to governments with the goal to strengthen the capacity of project developers by providing a secured collaborative platform, easy access to international best practices, and a public pipeline to promote projects to international investors.

TAP aims to catalyze and improve capital flows to cities, towns and regions, thereby accelerating local net zero emission. The Program offers project preparation support, expert guidance, peer learning, as well as access to Project Preparation Facilities providers (PPFs) and potential investors. The current pipeline is composed by 73 projects from 29 countries and has an estimated investment value of 2.6 billion euro. For its part, SOURCE has currently 4,022 users from 79 countries working on the preparation of 770 projects.

This ICLEI-SIF partnership represents a spearhead for the wider use of SOURCE by subnational governments, thereby creating a link between the TAP project pipeline and the SOURCE platform, providing 40 sector-specific templates, developed in collaboration with international organisations and the private sector, facilitating the preparation of all type of sustainable infrastructure including the definition of specific targets to fulfil the SDGs and Paris Agreement as well as covering all aspects required by investors.

ICLEI will actively encourage TAP applicants to use SOURCE to prepare their infrastructure projects. SIF and TAP will mobilize resources to train municipalities to use SOURCE as part of its integration process in countries, consisting of adapting the platform to the respective national frameworks. ICLEI will facilitate the pre- selection of projects that will be entered in SOURCE platform and connecting them to PPFs using the SOURCE PPF Finder as well as enabling their evaluation against international methodologies such as the FAST-Infra label providing a market signal to investors regarding their compliance with sustainability standards.