The Sovereign Infrastructure Group joined SIF Strategic Committee

SIF is pleased to announce that the Sovereign Infrastructure Group (SIG) joined its Strategic Committee to provide inputs in the long-term strategy for SOURCE’s engagement with the private sector.

SIG is a global financing company that works with project sponsors and Multilateral Development Banks, as well as national and local governments, in originating and structuring infrastructure deals across Africa, Latin America, and in other growth markets using both debt and equity investments. SIG partners with academic institutions, governments, non-governmental organizations and corporations to align financial and social incentives toward a greater public good.

SOURCE is the multilateral platform for sustainable infrastructure led and funded by Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) supporting the development of well-prepared projects to bridge the infrastructure gap and helping governments digitalization agenda. SOURCE covers the full range of infrastructure sectors including 40 subsectors templates supporting the development of well-prepared pipelines of infrastructure projects.

SIG will collaborate with SIF on the development of SOURCE by providing inputs for the preparation templates, public pipeline and new functionalities.