Cities must protect their citizens from climate change risks. Today in D.C., CDP’s @Emily_Kreps signed a collaboration with @SIFSource CEO Christophe Dossarps to bring much-needed environmental infrastructure funding to cities worldwide. More here:

SIF joined forces with @the_IDB and initiated the integration #SOURCE by presenting the platform and its benefits to 31 participants from @Haciendapy and @mopcparaguay to facilitate the development of quality infrastructure projects in #Paraguay

A fin de instruir a funcionarios sobre el uso, aplicación y utilidad de la plataforma SOURCE, la Dirección del Sistema de Inversión Pública de Hacienda realizó un taller el 10 y 11 de octubre, en el salón auditorio del Edificio Ybaga.


"Humanity is at a crossroads. We must act immediately and swiftly if we want to ensure a sustainable transition to a “net-zero” emissions economy." says EIB President Werner Hoyer @#Eplenary #ClimateAction #ClimateChange

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