We must #ActNow as the earth's biodiversity is being threatened! Alongside our partners, we invest in nature-based solutions in 🇪🇺 and beyond to encourage a sustainable use of the planet's resources. Watch how our initiatives ensure for a sustainable tomorrow #glfluxembourg2019

SIF compensated its travel CO2 emissions of 34 tons this year equivalent to 189 trees planted by our partner @TakingRoot helping farmers in emerging countries to mitigate climate change and protect biodiversity certified by @Plan_Vivo

Great video of 👏👏👏 the amazing Benban in Egypt, a huge megastructure in the desert! It’s one of the world’s largest ☀️ solar parks, capable of powering more than 1,000,000 homes. We're 😁 proud to be its biggest financier, having funded half its 32 plots. #EBRDimpact #EBRDmore

#JustIn🔴The EU Bank is commited to achieve the #decarbonisation of European economies by 2050! Our Board of Directors approved a new #Energy Lending Policy coupled to an ambitious #climateaction strategy to make this objective a reality: 🇪🇺🏦💚🌍

Your brand new #SOURCE is now available, including an enhanced version of the user homepage, an adaptable #project timeline and an improved documents management system :

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