The Secretariat for Public-Private Partnerships presented the successful integration of SOURCE in Ecuador

The SOURCE Community met on November 21st, to follow the presentation made by the Secretariat for Public-Private Partnerships (SPP) about the successful integration of SOURCE in Ecuador. The SPP presented the benefits, challenges and best practices following the integration of SOURCE financed by EUROCLIMA to improve the capacity of Ecuador to structure projects for climate finance.

The three key pillars for Ecuador were projects management, regulation and institutionalisation. Mr. Felipe Altamirano, Permanent secretary of projects structuration, presented how the national PPP framework as well as the project evaluation and approval methodologies were digitalised into SOURCE by the SIF team. He also mentioned how the PPP projects are now developed and supervised in SOURCE during their whole lifecycle according to the PPP national processes. Indeed, SOURCE was institutionalised by presidential decree in 2022 as the national project registry for all PPPs projects. The Ecuadorian PPP pipeline will reach over USD 28 billion in investments until 2029 and will be developed and monitored in SOURCE supporting the country digitalisation agenda, improving coordination and providing easy access to international best practices for capacity building. 

In addition, the presentation focused on how the new PPP regulation enacted in 2023 and digitalised in SOURCE is bringing more transparency and improving the projects bankability. Finally, the SPP presented how the SOURCE trainings were provided to the contracting authorities in addition to the certification of PPP professionals in the government. 

The meeting, chaired by Panama, was attended by France, Kazakhstan, South Africa, and Ukraine, the Founding Members of the SOURCE Community. Members participated in a lively discussion of how SOURCE was implemented both in Ecuador and South Africa, then reached the key goal of the Community: enable the exchange of international best practices.