Launch of the SOURCE Community

This August will mark the launch of the highly anticipated SOURCE Community, which has been fueled by the unwavering support of our esteemed governmental partners.

The SOURCE community brings to life the dynamism a digital platform needs to ensure continuous improvement of the functionality of the software. Harnessing the power of collaboration and facilitating feedback from SOURCE users, the Community will foster global knowledge sharing with the objective of enhancing the quality and efficacy of the development phases of major public infrastructure projects.

SIF has extended a warm invitation to join the Community to countries that have successfully integrated or initiated the pilot phase of SOURCE:

• Ecuador
• France
• Indonesia
• Kazakhstan
• Senegal
• South Africa
• Panama
• Philippines
• Ukraine
• Uzbekistan


To expand on this influential network, countries such as Azerbaijan, Angola and Tanzania will also be invited later this year.

In pursuit of our users’ collective aspirations, SIF will facilitate quarterly online meetings, expertly moderated by a rotating Chair from a different country each year. Panama, with its unwavering commitment, has embraced the opportunity to lead as the inaugural Chair of the SOURCE Community. Each SOURCE community meeting will culminate in key insights being shared with the SOURCE Council comprising of Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs), this is to ensure awareness of the diverse needs of Ministries and other implementing structures. Together, we can identify and address areas of improvement, paving the way for groundbreaking functionalities.

Thanks to the support of MDBs and partners, the journey towards shaping the future of public infrastructure development has been ignited. SIF is thrilled to empower more and more governments around the world through the integration of SOURCE and further build on this community to achieve a global systemic change in project development for a better future.

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