SOURCE Community gathered for 2nd meeting

SOURCE Community members met on October 24th for South Africa’s use case presentation of the SOURCE platform. SOURCE’s implementation in South Africa is led by Infrastructure South Africa (ISA) under the Presidency of the Republic and was successfully completed in May 2023.

The meeting, chaired by Panama, was attended by Ecuador, France, Kazakhstan, Senegal, South Africa, and Ukraine, the Founding Members of the SOURCE Community. Members highlighted the importance of the community to learn from each other, understand challenges and solutions when implementing and using SOURCE, and best practices to prepare well-developed infrastructure projects.

South Africa’s presentation, led by Abdul Baba, Chief Technology Officer of Infrastructure South Africa, presented the reasons and factors for the implementation of SOURCE: i) showcasing investment opportunities, (ii) enabling resource mobilisation in public infrastructure to support the National Development Plan 2030, and (iii) monitoring catalytic projects. In addition, Mr. Baba presented the implementation process, especially the customised functionalities, and key benefits of the platform. The slides for Mr. Baba’s presentation can be downloaded here.

“The objective of the implementation of SOURCE is to build a credible and visible infrastructure project pipeline and give a view of the long-term investment horizon” – Abdul Baba, Chief Technology Officer of Infrastructure South Africa

The next SOURCE Community meeting will be on November 21st with a use case presentation from Ecuador.