The SOURCE Uniqueness Responds to Government Needs

The SOURCE Community is at the heart of the continuous development of the platform, a forum where government agencies provide invaluable feedback on the evolving needs of user countries. Country members of the SOURCE Community are Angola, Ecuador, France, Kazakhstan, Panama, Senegal, South Africa, and Ukraine.

SOURCE Community members have been meeting monthly since October 2023, in order to share their experiences in implementing and using SOURCE. The frequent engagement with the SOURCE user countries enable the Sustainable Infrastructure Foundation to gather insights and feedback on how the platform’s functionalities and user experience can be improved.

Feedback from members was highlighted in a statement made by the chair of the SOURCE Community:

“As the current chair of the SOURCE Community, it is my privilege to share the collective experiences and impact SOURCE has had on the member countries. SOURCE’s adaptability to a country’s needs, processes, and interoperability with complementary IT systems has supported a more complete view on how we approach infrastructure development and transparency.


The SOURCE Community members have underscored the importance of adopting SOURCE for its capacity to foster coordination between government institutions for better planning, and ease of access to international standards and methodologies.


In the spirit of knowledge sharing, members have highlighted their experiences in using SOURCE to build a pipeline of sustainable and bankable projects using SOURCE’s unique common language, emphasising the platform’s adaptability with national frameworks.


As SOURCE continues to expand, the SOURCE Community remains committed to sharing knowledge and practical experiences to further support the development of the platform.”

Chair of the SOURCE Community:

Saleh Asvat, National Secretary of PPP, Panama

The common framework and sector-specific templates are unique features and are the cornerstone of ensuring that SOURCE promotes a common understanding between the public sector and private investors. As such, SOURCE has been featured to showcase the use of digital technologies to advance infrastructure pipeline development and management.