BRICS Symposium Features the SOURCE Platform

BRICS Infrastructure and Investment Symposium 2023 featured the SOURCE platform to showcase the use of digital technologies to advance infrastructure pipeline development.

The recently concluded BRICS Infrastructure and Investment Symposium, hosted by the National Treasury of South Africa from 28th – 29th September 2023, offered a dynamic platform for key stakeholders to discuss and deliberate the future of infrastructure development. SOURCE was featured to showcase the use digital technologies to address infrastructure pipeline development challenges.

As BRICS nations seek to meet the ever-growing demands of their populations, it becomes increasingly essential to explore innovative approaches that expedite infrastructure execution, drive economic growth, and contribute to the transition towards a more sustainable future. At the heart of this symposium, the BRICS Task Force on Public Private Partnerships (PPP) and Infrastructure took centre stage, seeking to fast-track infrastructure development and ensure economic resilience through private-sector involvement.

Moreover, the symposium addressed the pressing need to advance green, transition, and sustainable finance in public infrastructure investments. The focus was not solely on economic gain but on stimulating infrastructure investments that are instrumental in environmental, social, and economic development. The emphasis was on scale, innovation, and sustainability, which are indispensable in shaping the infrastructure landscape of BRICS nations.

On the second day of the symposium, SOURCE showcased its potential in advancing infrastructure planning, execution, and assessment. Christophe Dossarps, the CEO of the Sustainable Infrastructure Foundation (SIF), underscored the platform’s ability to simplify access to international best practices. Using a live walkthrough of the SOURCE platform, he highlighted that the features and functionalities of SOURCE are aimed at empowering governments to make well-informed decisions at every stage of the infrastructure lifecycle; and the potential of the platform to mobilise private sector financing by including the crucial data required at each step of the project and evaluating the projects against international standards.

SOURCE enables the early-stage definition of social, climate, and biodiversity qualitative and quantitative targets, and monitors the impact during project implementation to measure progress towards the SDGs.

During the Symposium, the Head of Infrastructure South Africa (ISA), Dr. Alec Moemi, highlighted that after going through the SOURCE integration process and customising the platform for the South African environment, ISA is in a “better position to manage [their] catalytic infrastructure projects”.

Through collaboration, innovative solutions, and digital transformation, the symposium has reinforced the collective commitment to building sustainable and resilient economies.