Delivery Challenges embedded in SOURCE

SOURCE, the multilateral platform for quality infrastructure, now showcases the Delivery Challenges from the Global Delivery Initiative (GDI).

Delivery challenges are the non-technical problems that hinder development interventions and that prevent practitioners from translating technical solutions into results on the ground. GDI, a partnership of over 50 organizations with its Secretariat housed at the World Bank, conducted extensive work to compile challenges faced by project teams in implementation. Drawing on analysis of over 10,000 projects, an extensive literature review, and consultations with development practitioners, GDI developed a taxonomy of 52 delivery challenges. GDI’s work on this taxonomy is part of a collaborative effort to create a collective and cumulative evidence base of delivery know-how to inform development practice and improve implementation.

“We are excited to be collaborating with SIF to highlight delivery challenges for users of the SOURCE platform,” said Debra Ladner, GDI team lead at the World Bank. “The showcase on SOURCE puts GDI’s data and insights in front of government officials who can use it. We hope that SOURCE users indeed find this timely and helpful.”

Based on the project’s geographical region and sector, SOURCE provides a list of recurring Delivery Challenges, in order to alert the project team and facilitate  the risk assessment process.

Each challenge in the righthand column is a link that directs SOURCE users to GDI’s website, where they can access relevant case studies, toolkits or other material relevant to the specific challenge: