Memorandum of Understanding signed with the OECD

SIF is pleased to announce the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) aiming to foster co-operation in the area of infrastructure development.

As part of this collaboration, SIF will integrate key elements of OECD guidelines relating to infrastructure development as knowledge support on SOURCE, including recommendations from:

1. The Framework for the Governance of Infrastructure, which includes 10 dimensions of how governments prioritise, plan, budget, deliver, regulate and evaluate infrastructure investment. Each area covers the principal objective of policy in each area, followed by key questions decision makers need to address and indicators identifying the enabling factors.

2. OECD Principles for the Governance of Public-Private Partnerships, which provides concrete guidance to policy makers on how to make sure that Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) represent value for money for the public sector, ensuring new projects to add value and stopping bad projects to go forward.

This important first step will pave the way to the integration of other relevant OECD recommendations into the SOURCE platform.

OECD will also share its unique knowledge and insight into infrastructure governance to support the continuous improvement of SOURCE templates. In addition, OECD will actively contribute to the global use of SOURCE by identifying countries, events, partners and programmes that could benefit from using the platform.