ILN, MDBs and SIF to accelerate collaboration on sustainable initiatives

Leaders from the Investor Leadership Network (ILN) and Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) are pleased to announce the start of discussions to establish a partnership and accelerate their collaboration around ongoing ILN initiatives.

After a productive meeting facilitated by the Sustainable Infrastructure Foundation (SIF) this morning in Davos, leaders of the private and public investment institutions are looking forward to seeing their increased collaboration fuel the momentum driving sustainable investment worldwide.

Created in June 2018, under Canada’s presidency of the G7, ILN comprises a group of twelve leading institutional investors, representing over $6 trillion of assets under management working together to facilitate and accelerate collaboration on key issues related to sustainability and long-term growth. Since its launch, the ILN has focused on three critical issues: capacity-building for sustainable infrastructure development, improved climate change disclosures, and increased diversity in the financial industry.

The long-term mindset and overall objectives of the ILN are particularly well-aligned with MDBs’ mandates. Furthermore, MDBs’ unique capacity and experience in sustainable development, as well as their extensive field presence around the world make them natural partners for ILN initiatives. In this context, ILN and MDB leaders consider there is a great opportunity to increase the impact of their respective activities through closer collaboration, active networking and expertise sharing.

The parties agreed that upcoming discussions would include the three topics covered by ongoing ILN initiatives and would focus on concrete actions in all regions covered by participating MDBs.

SIF, a strategic partner to both the ILN and MDBs, and a key participant in the delivery of the Sustainable Infrastructure Fellowship Program (one of ILN’s 3 initiatives) will continue the role it has played in identifying present and future opportunities for collaboration.