SOURCE is structured around a series of questions, that define a comprehensive “mind-map” of all the key issues to consider during the development of an infrastructure project. These questions vary depending on the type of project (greenfield vs. brownfield), whether the project is envisaged as a public-private partnership (PPP), can be adapted to a particular country’s regulatory framework (See our country integration strategy here), and more importantly, to the type of infrastructure (aka project sub-sector). Currently, 38 sub-sectors are covered in SOURCE, spanning from highway to solar plants. The questions specific to each sub-sector represent roughly 30% of the content of each template.

Pushing the frontiers

For projects which are currently not covered by these 38 templates, SIF just launched the possibility to create a project template without specifying a subsector. This allows the creation of a project home page on SOURCE with all the features and project management tools, but without the sector-specific questions. We estimate that this would allow users to benefit from 90% of SOURCE’s functionalities.

All you need to do is to select “other” in the sector (or sub-sector) field when creating a new project.

Last but not least, this will allow SIF to identify the most urgent needs in terms of new templates, and organize its resources accordingly.