SOURCE Integration Process Conducted Online

The COVID-19 pandemic directly impacted SIF’s operations during the last 6 months, making it impossible to provide onsite workshops. The SIF management team’s swift response brought online its support to governments in integrating SOURCE.

SOURCE presentations, trainings and mapping meetings have been delivered online with high participation rates and positive feedbacks from participants. Regarding these online webinars, significant progress has been made towards the 2-hour target in the various countries currently integrating SOURCE.

Confinement has proven to be a catalyzer for online solutions such as SOURCE. By facilitating remote collaboration and information management, SOURCE enables governments to promote projects to international bidders as well as public and private investors.

Chief Information Officers (CIOs) of Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) that used to be members of Architecture Board have now joined the SOURCE Council. This transformation, has strengthened SOURCE’s performance and scalability. Reinforcing the current governance, MDB CIOs will provide strategic guidance to the development of SOURCE on technology-related topics.