SIF and UNECE to empower governments towards PPP for the SDGs

As part of the collaboration with the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), SIF announced the digitalisation of the Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) and Infrastructure Evaluation and Rating System (PIERS) on SOURCE to further ensure that projects create “value for people” and “value for the planet”.

The announcement was made as part the of 7th edition of the UNECE International PPP Forum in Athens, Greece. SIF was invited to present how SOURCE, led and financed by the MDBs and hosted by the UNICC, empowers governments in the optimal preparation and implementation of sustainable infrastructure projects.

The forum highlighted two major challenges faced by governments in their green and digital transformations:

  1. Public-sector officials are requested to align their project documentation with an increasing amount of international evaluation methodologies and standards while following their own processes.

2.  Governmental digitalisation agendas are growingly complex and require extensive resources and capacities.

SOURCE addresses both concerns by first embedding international best practices in a user friendly digital common framework, enabling governments to align their projects against different methodologies, national or international (i.e. QII Indicators, FAST-Infra label) including the UNECE evaluation methodology for the SDGs, without having to enter the same information in different systems. Secondly, SOURCE is delivered to governments at no cost by the MBDs through technical assistance, allowing the digitalisation of their national processes and interoperability with complementary IT systems.

SIF is looking forward to deepening our partnership with UNECE, together empowering governments to enable strong PPPs to reach the SDGs.