SOURCE is now available in Russian and extends global outreach

The Sustainable Infrastructure Foundation (SIF) is pleased to announce the availability of SOURCE in Russian. With the addition of Russian, SOURCE is now provided in 10 languages, including: Arabic, Bahasa, English, French, Mandarin, Mongolian, Portuguese, Spanish and Vietnamese.

The availability of SOURCE in Russian comes as a prelude to a series of workshops in the region that will cover notably Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, both representing significant infrastructure markets.

Extending the availability of SOURCE in Russian also represents an additional step towards fostering the dissemination of the SOURCE project preparation standard along the One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative. The China-Mongolia-Russia economic corridor is one of the six main economic corridors under development as part of OBOR; and now, with the latest language addition, SOURCE is available in all three languages prevalent along the corridor – Mandarin, Mongolian and Russian.

SOURCE supports public sector agencies in preparing and managing their infrastructure projects with the goal of attracting private sector investment. SOURCE cloud-based system is a global collaborative interface, which allows the collection, aggregation and standardisation of information on all aspects of the development of an infrastructure project. As such, SOURCE helps capture the whole project cycle data and, through an interactive interface, provides immediate connectivity tailored to the needs of the public contracting authorities on a national and subnational basis.

Commenting on this latest development, Christophe Dossarps, CEO of SIF-SOURCE said “SOURCE is a tool that has been designed to enable capturing and customising the specifics of each country’s regulations, practices and experiences. With Russian, SOURCE extends its geographical spread and allows a growing number of countries to benefit from its support in preparing their infrastructure projects.”

Christophe Dossarps added, “Since its inception and in conjunction with multilateral development banks, SOURCE is globally disseminating among governments, public institutions and agencies at a rapid speed, this new development represents a step towards the goal of becoming the global protocol for project preparation of sustainable and climate resilient infrastructures”.