UNPRI-SIF Webinar on Improving infrastructure project preparation and access to critical data

Background: “From 2016 through 2030, the world needs to invest about 3.8 per cent of GDP, or an average of USD 3.3 trillion a year, in economic infrastructure […] But if the current trajectory of underinvestment continues, the world will fall short by roughly 11 per cent, or USD 350 billion a year. The size of the gap triples if we consider […] the new UN Sustainable Development Goals.” McKinsey Global Institute (2016) Bridging Global Infrastructure Gaps

A key requirement to increase flows of private capital into infrastructure is high-quality preparation of infrastructure projects by public sector institutions. In response to calls from the G20, the Sustainable Infrastructure Foundation’s (SIF) SOURCE platform provides just that – an online system to help governments and private investors prepare, select, coordinate, fund, finance and monitor infrastructure projects. Since SOURCE was launched in 2015, 154 projects have been uploaded to the system. Each one provides key information on the technical specifications of projects, as well as their ESG profile.

– Why has SOURCE been created?
– How can the platform help long-term investors with infrastructure opportunities?
– How can the platform help investors with their ESG integration procedures?
– How SOURCE generates standardised data that can support the creation of performance benchmarks and statistics?
– Hear case studies from investors, MDBs and government about how they use the platform.

Moderated by: Archie Beeching, Head of Real Assets, PRI
Laurence Carter, Senior Director, Public-Private Partnerships, World Bank
Christophe Dossarps, CEO, Sustainable Infrastructure Foundation (SIF)
Rana Ghorayeb, Vice-President and Head of Infrastructure Transactions, Europe and the Americas, la Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ)
Chidi Izuwah, Executive Director, PPP Resource Centre, the Presidency, Infrastructure Concession Regulatory Commission (ICRC), Nigeria