The Republic of South Africa officially launched the SOURCE platform

The integration of SOURCE in South Africa is now completed. The platform is now fully part of South Africa’s digitalisation process to improve the country’s infrastructure project development and management processes.  SOURCE now provides South Africa with consistent and easier access to international best practices, improved coordination capacity between lead and implementing agencies, and a common language with the private sector to promote a well-prepared pipeline of projects.

SOURCE will support Infrastructure South Africa‘s (ISA) mission to work as a catalyst to close the infrastructure investment gap and meet the infrastructure target for South Africa’s National Development Plan (NDP).

The integration of the SOURCE process was financed with a grant from the Agence Française de Développement (AFD), which has been a partner of SIF in other countries in the continent, such as Angola, Tanzania, and soon to start, Egypt. As part of the integration, the South African processes covering both traditional procurement, the 5 Case Model (public and private), PPPs and concessions and the project evaluation methodology based on the 5CM were digitalised in SOURCE.

In addition, the Infrastructure South Africa (ISA) platform was connected to SOURCE enabling automatic project creation in SOURCE after initial screening by the ISA team. The use of SOURCE for project preparation and management of infrastructure projects will now be systematic for ISA.

SOURCE is delivered to governments at no cost by the MDBs through technical assistance, allowing the digitalisation of their national processes and interoperability with complementary IT systems.

SIF looks forward to deepening our partnership with the Republic of South Africa to empower governments to enable strong PPPs to reach the SDGs together.