We are proud to be part of the FAST-Infra initiative, and for SOURCE, the Multilateral Platform for Sustainable Infrastructure, to be at the heart of the FAST-Infra Platform.


FAST-Infra  the ‘Finance to Accelerate the Sustainable Transition-Infrastructure’ initiative — aims to close the trillion-dollar sustainable infrastructure investment gap by transforming sustainable infrastructure.

FAST-Infra Platform is a key component of the FAST-Infra initiative. It will be developed as an infrastructure data platform with centralized tools, attached to a project finance loan exchange / marketplace. The integration of SOURCE at the onset of the FAST-Infra tech-enabled platform, will ensure a level playing field across all stakeholders by empowering public project sponsors to delivering well-prepared projects and establishing a common language.

In parallel, FAST-Infra is developing a new certification for infrastructure projects – the Sustainable Infrastructure (SI) Label – providing a market signal that labelled projects meet clear sustainability standards. 

SIF now trains and supported government agencies to evaluate their infrastructure projects against a preliminary version of the FAST-Infra Label into the SOURCE platform. So far, a total of 11 projects were created and evaluated on SOURCE, leading to the publication of close to USD 8 billion worth of investment published in the SOURCE pipeline and presented during the COP26 on November 3rd 2021.


Bridging the infrastructure gap through capacity building

The Sustainable Infrastructure Fellowship Program created by the Investor Leadership Network (ILN), in collaboration with the Government of Canada, and in partnership with the Sustainable Infrastructure Foundation and the Schulich School of Business, this program offers academic and practical training for senior public-sector infrastructure managers from emerging markets. By better aligning the expectations of planners and investors, the Fellowship seeks to build capacity and help close the infrastructure gap.


The Sustainable Infrastructure Fellowship program was created and is supported by a network of like-minded, global long-term institutional investors, representing over $6 trillion of assets under management, including the following:

Practical training on Sustainable Infrastructure Development and Financing

In both advanced and emerging economies, infrastructure development leads to important social and economic benefits. As large institutional investors have sought new ways to generate long-term, stable returns over the past decade, infrastructure has become a mainstream asset class. As demand has grown, however, it has become apparent that projects are sometimes developed and structured in ways that make investment unattractive. This misalignment of expectations has led to a significant gap between the amount of potential investments in infrastructure and the actual number of investment-ready projects, especially in emerging and frontier markets. 

The Sustainable Infrastructure Fellowship program aims to enhance the expertise of emerging market leaders in developing sustainable, investment-ready infrastructure projects, and to give them concrete exposure to the criteria used by institutional investors to evaluate infrastructure projects.


An Intensive Program that combines

Five weeks of academic and practical training, starting in summer 2020, at the Schulich School of Business followed by a one week executive training where Fellows will spend time in the offices of ILN members.

  • In-class lectures
  • Case study analysis
  • Interactive assignments
  • Presentations by leading practitioners
  • Training on the SOURCE platform
  • Practical exposure to institutional infrastructure investment criteria and processes