“As the world’s first project preparation platform, SOURCE is fundamentally changing the way infrastructure is developed in today’s digital age and represents the most collaborative initiative in the domain.”

Christophe Dossarps

CEO, Sustainable Infrastructure Foundation (SIF)

SOURCE presented to global contractors as an instrumental tool to encourage infrastructure investments with Well-Prepared Projects (WPP)
on the occasion of the Confederation of International Contractors’ Associations Board Council Meeting, Paris, November 07, 2017

St. Lucia, September 2017

Philippines, September 2017

R20 Regions of Climate Action, February 2017

“We at the IaDB are beginning to work with and implement SOURCE in our partner countries, first we start with trainings and with trying to make SOURCE the standard, because it is the means to communicating, achieving transparency and making a checklist of products that need to be incorporated into our projects.”

José Augustin Aguerre

Inter-American Development Bank (IaDB)

Countries using SOURCE

Egypt, January 2017


Fiji, December 2016

“SOURCE provides a standard, a common language. SOURCE as a tool is critical to improving transparency. SOURCE sends a signal to the market that the better prepared a project is, the less the marketplace has to think about doing due diligence.”

Emmanuel Nyirinkindi

International Finance Corporation (IFC)

SOURCE Trainings

“Well-prepared projects are better procured, have better competitions and are better at attracting investors.”

Catherine Workman

Pinsent Masons

Mongolia, November 2016

Colombia, October 2016

Uruguay, September 2016












“We have been supporting the development of a number of SOURCE templates for a year and a half and some questions arose from the integration of SDGs, namely how can private sector credit committees really make an apple to apple comparison of different infrastructure projects, regarding how they rate from the sustainability point of view?

The challenge to overcome, will be to rank the infrastructure projects against the SDGs, whether through a scoring mechanism or an alternate system. Achieving such an objective will be extremely valuable to those who are developing projects, in understanding how to achieve best value in terms of SDGs for limited budgets.”

John Seed

Mott MacDonald

Georgia, July 2016

Indonesia, July 2016

“SOURCE is a key part of what we really need, to create the investment framework that will get us from billions to the trillions. Climate change and impact will lead a lot of governments to develop good quality infrastructure and it is key that governments understand the benefits that can be realised through better-prepared projects.”

Amal-Lee Amin

Inter-American Development Bank (IaDB)

“We, the SIF Advisory Committee, commit to promote the use of SOURCE among our client governments and to use SOURCE internally, where appropriate, for preparing our projects, to support the target of 2,000 projects on SOURCE by 2020; with the ultimate objective to create a global standard for infrastructure project preparation.”

Laurence Carter

World Bank Group

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