Source Ambassadors

Certification Program

Program Objectives

The global use of Source software is exponentially growing on daily basis. With well over 20% of the world’s developing economies using the Source software to well prepare sustainable and climate resilient infrastructure projects, SIF has developed a training program to certify a number of individuals as Source Ambassadors who will act as official SIF representatives and help with achieving the goal of globally disseminating the use of Source. Allowing more global territories to benefit from the ultimate project preparation tool, Source.

The main objective of the program is to create a network of Source Ambassadors around the globe, who will act as a focal point within their organisations to implement the dissemination of the Source software and deliver effective trainings to global governments in order to build capacity in the public sector to prepare projects effectively as well as widen the public sector user base that has the ability to use the Source software to prepare projects with consistency and transparency over the long run.