Led and funded by MDBs, SOURCE is an infrastructure project development and project data collection platform with servers under United Nations jurisdiction.

Through its integration into governments and IFIs’ operations across the project cycle, SOURCE acts as a trusted, secured collector and repository of project data covering legal, governance, economic, financial, technical and ESG dimensions.

SOURCE’s structured data may be used to develop automatic analytics and indicators on the performance and sustainability of infrastructure, and be shared with other global initiatives such as GEMs to develop benchmarks against other datasets.

Delivering for scale and consistency, SOURCE operates at two different levels:


1. Project preparation and management software. At the government level, SOURCE is an online, scalable, collaborative, and secure working software, providing guidance and capacity support for public project teams, from definition to implementation, as well as data and project management tools. SOURCE brings transparency and consistency in the project development cycle and provides an effective communication platform for specific project engagement and information between government preparation agencies, private sector contractors, bidders, financiers and civil society, which eventually reduces project preparation and transaction costs and improves disclosure.

2. Global Delivery Platform. At the global level, SOURCE acts as a trusted, secured collector and repository of government project data across the project cycle, with servers under United Nations jurisdiction to address increasing data sovereignty and security concerns. Its structured yet customizable approach for infrastructure project data allows SOURCE to connect databases, initiatives and platforms, as well as to integrate and harmonize project preparation-related standards and knowledge products. Looking ahead, SOURCE will generate data-based trends for pre-agreed indicators and provide data for analytics in compliance with its legal obligations with all relevant, respective data owners (MDBs and governments).

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